How To Prep Your Home For A Natural Disaster

It’s that time of year in the South, where the weather can change at a moment’s notice and the threat of storm damage to your home is greatly multiplied. Did you know that the hurricane season in the United States runs from as early as June 1 to November 30? That is half the year … and most of the Southeast is under a hurricane warning, tropical storm threat, or other weather scares. Knowing the steps to take to keep your home and family safe during a natural disaster is crucial.
What can you do to keep your home protected during this stressful time of the year?


Be Ready – Cleaning out gutters and drains prior to a dangerous storm could save you a tremendous headache after the storm has passed. Clearing branches away from your roof and simple trimming can also prevent yard debris from causing home issues elsewhere. If your home is likely to receive high winds, as a precaution it is also suggested to cover windows with storm shutters or marine plywood. Gathering any lawn or patio furniture and bringing indoors is also recommended by the Department of Homeland Security.

Know Your Surroundings – Know your area’s history of storm damage and risk of natural disaster. This may be difficult if your new to the area or just purchased your first home. Trusting a local business with roots in the community like Storm Pros can help keep you up to date on information in your area and provide useful knowledge of your new location.

Roof Inspection – Can you be 100% certain your roofing felt could withstand high winds and damage from a natural disaster? Don’t let a small crack or leak turn into a costly repair after heavy rain and winds. Additionally, damage to your home may occur during the storm that an untrained eye might not notice. Contact Storm Pros after a natural disaster to have a free roof inspection on your home!

At Storm Pros Disaster Services, we provide preventive services prior to storms and rebuilding/repair solutions post-hurricane or other natural disasters. Whether you need a simple inspection or a total restoration project after a natural disaster, the highly trained and professionals at Storm Pros can help! Around-the-clock service is available and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact us and schedule your roof inspection today!

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